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大家好啊~~~~~(雖然blog友沒很多 哈)

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Gunwharf Quays是僅次於曾經工作過的bicester outlet 我最常去的南部outlet

這裡有我很激賞的evelyn&crabtree 五鎊有找護手雙, 家人訂貨量最高的burberry, 常有好康的Paul Smith, 以及我個人認為england最大ted baker outlet

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一開始並不是要去ST PAUL的

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Stella McCartney: 'Fashion people are pretty heartless'

Jess Cartner-Morley

The Guardian, Monday

The designer talks about the advantages of having a Beatle for a dad, and why she wishes the clothing industry cared enough to stop using fur and leather


What's more, 50 million animals a year, says McCartney, are farmed, using vast amounts of energy, and killed for bags and shoes alone. Refusing to use leather in her work, McCartney has pioneered alternative fabrics for accessories. Pushing my leather handbag further under the table, I ask her why she thinks it is that the fashion industry not only ignores her protests on fur and leather but is also (it seems to me) backward in terms of environmental thinking. (The bi-annual, transatlantic tour of catwalk shows is starting to feel about as de rigueur as a patio heater.) Are people in the fashion industry particularly heartless?

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max factor.JPG 


今天 我在逛街的時候 買了這個新玩意

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從這一張圖開始認識Alexa Chung


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agyness和英國國旗 兩大英國的表徵

今年 時尚界很瘋英倫風

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May 27, 2009 12:00 AM 

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Gucci High Street British flag bag limit

Clothing decorated with the British flag has always been well received by those who sought after trends, fashion Icon Kate Moss and Agyness Deyn are also loyal to their fans.

Today, gucci launched a limited edition “Sloaney Bag” bag series, as a way to pay tribute to 70 years in London, Pop Art Fan few full English flag GG canvas with the classic combination of Gucci, bringing distinctive luxury rock temperament.

Gucci, not only in Lunduisilong Street opened a new flagship store, also launched a limited edition “Sloaney package” series!

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PALMER'S 我最愛的平價乳液品牌

MADE IN USA 產品包裝上繼承了美國多數品牌使用淺顯易懂的方式 把功能用途以斗大的文字以及圖示標明在外包裝上 

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1.JPG official website front page

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from wikipedia


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全國幼稚園大會 2.JPG 

全國幼稚園大會 3.JPG 

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對我來說 是另一個english life experience


8月21日是Vera Cooper, 我男朋友的奶奶的funeral service

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時尚香奈兒百年彌新 善變前衛抓住女人心

文章來源:非凡新聞周刊 | 發表時間:2009/09/18

文 趙佳美


「流行不斷推陳出新,惟有風格可以歷久彌新。」這是時尚女王香奈兒(Coco Chanel)的名言,距離她在一九○九年創立香奈兒同名品牌,至今剛好一百年。

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前幾天 我在SUPER DRUG (英國的一家藥妝店)買了這個看似很猛烈的新LOREAL 睫毛膏

一直以來 我是LOREAL 雙倍延長雙效睫毛膏-精典黑的愛用者

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